We offer the following services. Please contact us for a detailed quote

Project identification
Site selection
Feasibility and Project Reports
Knowhow, basic and detailed designs
Procurement services including inspection and expediting
Construction and supervision of erection
Testing, Startup and commissionning services
Trouble shooting/D-Bottle necking
Expansion and modernisation of existing plants
Project management services
Guarantees on capacity, quality and pollution control norms for all plants
Chemical Plants, Process Plants, Fertiliser Plants
Chemical Consultants, Chemical Engineering Consultants, Technology Suppliers
Spare Parts


All Project Reports cover the following :

Detailed information on Marketing
Process Description
Site Selection
Technical Details on input/output norms
Specifications of raw materials and finished products
Project Schedules
Detailed Equipments
Project Costs
Detailed Financial Calculations indicating Profits, Breakeven Data, Repayment Schedules and Financial Indicators

Project Reports delivered include :

74,250 TPA of Sulfuric Acid & 2,00,000 TPA Power/Granulated SSP
13,250 TPA of Sulfuric Acid
Value Added Products for Sulfuric Acid including
    92,400 TPA Sulfuric Acid
    24% Oleum 18,150 TPA
    65% Oleum 6,600 TPA
    Liquid SO3 17,820 TPA
    Chloro Sulfonic Acid 16,500 TPA
    Sulfamic Acid 5,000 TPA
    Diethyl Sulfate 1,500 TPA
    Ferric Aluminium Sulfate Liquid 16,500 TPA,
    Iron Free Aluminium Sulfuate 16,500 TPA
Sulfur based Chemical Complex including
    25,000 TPA Sulfuric Acid
    Oleum & Liquid Sulfur Trioxide 6,200 TPA
    Chloro Sulfonic Acid 8,850 TPA
    Diethyl Sulfate 1,500 TPA
    Benzene Sulfonyl Chloride 1,500 TPA
    Single Superphosphate 50,000 TPA
66,000 TPA Sulfuric Acid Plant
1,50,000 TPA Single Superphosphate
66,000 TPA Sulfuric Acid, 82,000 TPA Single Superphosphate, 33,000 TPA Oleum 24% & 5,000 TPA Sulfamic Acid
20,000 TPA of Sulfuric Acid
5,000 TPA Sulfamic Acid
6,000 TPA of Citric Acid
50,000 TPA Sulfuric Acid
33,000 TPA Oleum 24%, 13,200 TPA Liquid Sulfur Trioxide