(SSEC) was established in the year 1981 . The company specialises in supply of know-how, basic and detailed designs for special chemical products. The company has its headquarters in New Delhi, India.

SSEC offers basic and detailed designs for following plants.

Insoluble Sulfur Capacity Range - 3750 to 5000 TPA
Sulphuric Acid Plants both Conventional and DCDA Capacity Range - 50 to 1500 TPD. Guaranteed So2 Emission less than 100 PPM, Guaranteed Steam Generation up to 1.5 Tons steam/ton of acid
Oleum 24% - 65%, Liquid Sulfur Trioxide Capacity Range - 50 to 750 TPD as Liquid So3
Sulfamic Acid Capacity Range - 5000 TPA
Chloro Sulfonic Acid Capacity Range - 15000 to 65000 TPA
GRANULATED Single Superphosphate and NPK Capacity Range - 65000 to 300000 TPA
Aluminium Sulfate Batch and Continous Process Capacity Range - 10000 to 35000 TPA
Start Up SO2 Scrubbers for Acid Plants Capacity Range - Any Size
Flourine Scrubbers for SSP Plant Capacity Range - Any Size
Liquid Sulphur Dioxide Capacity Range - 1500 to 25000 TPA
Di-ethyl Sulfate Capacity Range - 1500 to 3000
Power Generation from byproduct Steam of Acid Plants Capacity Range - 0.75 MW to 15 MW
Benzene Sulfonyl Chloride Capacity Range - 3000 TPA
DIMETHYL SULFATE Capacity Range - 12500 to 25000 TPA
THIONYL CHLORIDE Capacity Range - 50 to 100 TPD
SULFONATED ASPHALT Capacity Range - 5000 TPA
DIMETHYL ANILINE Capacity Range - 2000 TPA

Sulphur Technology chart


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